Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Business...Our Life

I added a button in the top left corner...a link to our business website. Check it out!

We are a lot of things, but our business is a huge part of us. My hubby and our company are almost one and the same. I'm so proud of what he does everyday and what we have turned our little company into!

Chain Link Fence Installation

Manure Bunker Construction

Fence Install & Dry Lot Construction

It's a lot of work to keep a business going and growing, but so worth it. I'm finally starting to see some return on all the time I've put into advertising and marketing...makes it even more rewarding to be apart of it and to get to work with my love everyday. It's not always easy though. I tried to take some photos of the girls the other day for advertising purposes on our website. As you can see...didn't go so well!

On a side note, it may seem crazy.....but we are praying for a lot of snow this winter to keep us busy and financially flush going into next spring. As the Lord has blessed us richly, we wish blessing for all of you in your ventures!

God bless!

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