Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Thankful Thought

Sunday - Today I am thankful for a wonderful message at church full of great insight! My favorite from today - We think life should be fair because God is fair...but God and life are not the same thing.

Monday - Today I am thankful for sunshine!

Tuesday - Today I am thankful for baby swings!

Today - Today I am thankful for a good friend, great conversation and a fun playdate!

I don't have the energy to expand on those thoughts at all right now. Sometime soon I will do an entire post on the message at was wonderful! I also have a few million ideas of future posts floating around in my head. Not to mention staying caught up on all the cute, funny and naughty things that the kiddos might just be up to.

I have been deep in pray on where exactly to take this blog...if anywhere besides a journey of our lives and our children growing up or something more!?!

Wanted to leave you with a photo...what would a post be without a photo!

Charlie's cute little socked toes. She almost always picks mismatched socks when she dresses herself.

 God bless!
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