Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday's Ten

Thanks Sarah for the Ten on Tuesday idea. Here's just 10 randoms from around here.

1. I'm really sick of Elmo!

2. This Minnesota weather has been great...loving it!

3. I appreciate having hot water!

4. Toilet training is going pretty good. Knock on wood...no accidents again today!

5. The Chicken Black Bean Soup was yummy!

6. It's my little cousin and godson Dylan's 16th birthday today...Happy Birthday! (this makes me feel old!)

7. I'm knee deep in billing and bookwork here and I really need to make collection calls! (nothing really new though!)

8. I'm really not liking that Charlie doesn't think she needs to nap anymore!

9. Praise the Lord! Workwise we are busy, busy, busy! Going to keep praying that the weather holds out so we can get it all done yet this fall!

10. If my socks are any indication, I really should be mopping the floor right now!

Have a wonderful day! God Bless!

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