Friday, December 9, 2011

Charlie - Fall 2011

I was asking Charlie some random questions last week. I just like to hear what she comes up with and I remembered to write them down this time.

Questions with Charlie ~
What is your favorite color? white
What is your favorite food? ketchup
What is your favorite toy? tea set
What is your favorite snack? carrots and dip
Who is your best friend? Gracie and Abigail
What is your favorite drink? water
What do you want to be when you grow up? a fireman, a policeman or a jailer

We have been doing school very casually and have basically been concentrating on letter recognition, handwriting and spelling. She can write words out as I spell them out loud for her. The only real hang up is making a 'S'....those things are hard. She also writes a few words/names from memory....Charlie, Cori, Joe, mom and dad.

She is a good helper around the house....playing with her brother, taking laundry to the laundry room and vacuuming.

She is looking forward to Christmas and has asked a few times over the last week when Christmas morning will be. She helped Joe wrap his Christmas gifts for me yesterday and so far has keep the secret. We will have to see if she can handle knowing what was wrapped for another 2 weeks.

We don't do 'santa' here. It's not that I think santa is evil or that I think anyone else needs to do things my way, but we have just never made a big deal out of santa. We have never told the kids that santa brought them the gifts we open. And Charlie know that the gifts and stockings we open Christmas morning are from mom and dad and the other kids are too little to really even know or care.

So, about 6 weeks ago Charlie and I had a conversation that went something like this....

Charlie: Mom, santa isn't real. He died a long time ago.

Me: That sounds about right.
Charlie: But mom, don't say's suppose to be a secret.

I'm still not sure exactly where it all came from....if she put it all together, an older friend or a babysitter....and it doesn't matter to me. We have talked about how some kids still believe and that different families have different traditions so she should be careful about what she says to other kids and she seems to understand that.

She is also waiting oh-so patiently for some snow. She really want to get out there and make snow angels, try out her new-to-her snowpants and pull her sister around in the sled.




Grocery list - carrot, fish, milk, celery, chicken

God bless!


  1. she is doing great in her schooling Holly great job! 

  2. Awesome job on the list!!!  The close up picture is A D O R A B L E!!!