Friday, December 9, 2011

Joseph - Fall 2011

Seriously, where has the last year gone? It's hard to believe our baby boy is almost a year old.

He seems like just a big boy already. I think it is seeing him walk that makes him seem so much older than just a month ago.

The week before Thanksgiving he was taking a couple of steps at a time and by the week after Thanksgiving he was taking a lot more steps and was a lot more stable on his feet.

Now, there is no stopping him. If he falls, he gets right back up and walks on rather than crawling for awhile.

He is eating like a horse, even with only 4 little teeth. We are still limiting his (and mine) diet some and that does seem to be keeping his skin flare-ups at bay.

He is a very good all-around eater and will eat about anything you give him. He loves bacon and popcorn and raisins.

He is still not sleeping through the night. But neither of the girls were consistent through the night sleepers until they were over a year really nothing new here. I do notice he sleeps better if he goes to bed after 8:30 pm rather than earlier. It's not bad when he only wakes to nurse and goes right back to sleep.

There have been nights when he wakes up and is just restless and wants to be held 'just right' to go back to sleep. Those nights seem to happen more when he or I have had some foods that we shouldn't of had earlier in the day.

He thinks his sisters are the funniest and loves following them around.

He has pretty much mastered the steps here too. He has no problem going up them and in the last couple of weeks has figured out how to come back down them by himself...backwards. We have been blessed in that all of the kids have handled steps well and it's never really been an issue of them falling down or trying to walk off them.

He is wearing 12 to 18 month clothes and I'm guessing he weighs about 20-21 lbs.



God bless!

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  1. He looks just so cute!  It was so great to see him walking the other day.  This year has really gone by fast!